Roulette Wheel - How It Enhances the Online Roulette Gameplay

When it comes to classic casino table games, the game of roulette is considered one of the most popular. Its appeal can also be explained by the rules and the simple gameplay. You just spin the wheel, wait for the ball to roll, and stop in one of the slots. These simple rules and gameplay add to the appeal and popularity of roulette as a casino game. But to fully appreciate the game, one must also consider its design particularly the roulette table layout where the numbers and bets are drawn. An understanding of the roulette wheel layout and design of the table will help you understand the game.

The Roulette Table and the Wheel

roulette wheelThe term roulette is taken from a French term which means ‘little wheel’. In short, this game is all about the wheel that can define the outcome and your results. Since the wheel is a critical component of the game design and rules, it’s only best that you spend time understanding its layout and design. When you open the game in real money or free demo mode, you will find two important components. The first one is the roulette board and the roulette wheel. As the name suggests, the roulette wheel layout comes with a spinning circular area with evenly sized areas around it. The wheel is a colorful creation with slots of equal sizes which also include numbers.

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Each space of the roulette wheel will feature a number that runs from 1 and 36 and it’s displayed using a color. Also, the wheel will have one or two green spaces depending on the kind of roulette variant that you are playing. Also, the sequence of adjacent numbers on the roulette wheel will vary depending on the type of game that you are planing. But you can be sure that in these wheels, colors black and red will alternate. When the croupier spins the roulette wheel, the ball is then released into the wheel and it will move around until it settles in one of the spaces. The action of the white ball and its dropping location will define the winner of the game.

The Development of the Roulette Wheel Throughout History

Etymologically, roulette means ‘little wheel’ in French. The first version of the roulette wheel game was first introduced in 18th century France. According to several sources, it was Blaise Pascal who introduced the first version of the roulette wheel in the 17th century in the hope of finding a perpetual motion machine. The game was first played as early as 1796 in Paris. There have been many early descriptions about the primitive wheel used in the game.

And one such description is included in the novel La Roulette, ou le Jour by Jacques Labelle. In the book, the author described the house pockets in the wheel, adding that there are two slots for the bank and this serves as the house advantage of the game. The book then talks about the roulette table layout that offers two betting spaces that include the bank’s (casino) two numbers, zero, and the double zero. When this table game was first used in Parisian casinos in the late 1790s, the roulette wheels used the color red for the single zero and black for the double zero.

Also, the color green was used for the zeros in the roulette wheels beginning 1800s. By 1843, a single ‘0’ roulette wheel design was introduced by François and Louis Blanc and this was designed to compete with the offerings of other casinos with different wheel designs. By the 19th century, this game spread in different parts of the United States and Europe. When the German government decided to put a stop to gaming, the Blanc family moved to Monte Carlo and established a gaming hub for the top players and enthusiasts of the region. This was the time when the wheel layout that comes with a single zero was the most popular and this variant was adopted in top casinos around the world. The exception was in the United States where the casino roulette wheel design with double zero was the most popular.

As a popular casino game in the US, the most preferred roulette wheel online layout was the one with a double zero. Its popularity started at Mississippi and moved to New Orleans and its adoption moving westward. At the start of the 20th century, this game was primarily played in two locations: Monte Carlo and Las Vegas. In Monte Carlo, the classic single-zero layout is played while Las Vegas casinos during this time preferred the double zero casino roulette wheel layout. As time passed, players and operators experimented with the design and layout of the roulette wheel. In 2016, a casino in Las Vegas introduced the roulette game with triple zeros. Interestingly, the sum of all numbers on the casino roulette table (0 to 36) is 666 which is considered by many as the ‘number of the beast’.

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What are the Differences Between American and European Wheel and Table Layout

The roulette wheel, together with the table, is an important part of the casino experience. And the overall experience depends on how you understand the differences between the different roulette games and the wheels. Two of the most popular variants of the game are American Roulette and the European Roulette. If you are a beginner in this game, you will not find differences between the tables used in the game. But if you have played the games numerous times, then you will discover that there are slight differences in the roulette wheel table and the roulette wheel layout. For example, the numbers are arranged in a different sequence and you will note the extra ‘00’ pocket in the American variant. These are minimal changes in the casino roulette wheel layout but it can influence the way you play the games and implement your betting strategies.

Differences in Roulette Tables

Since you will find an extra pocket, the American variant has additional space on the table to accommodate the wagers for ‘00’. Besides this minor detail, you will not find any other significant differences between the two major types of roulette tables.

Differences in Odds and Payouts

The slight change in the European roulette wheel layout and the American version changes the odds and payouts. In European roulette, the odds of winning is pegged at 1 to 37, while your odds of winning in American roulette is 1 to 38. Both games can award you a payout of 35 to 1, though European roulette will pay out more.

Wheel Layout Differences Also Depend on the Manufacturer or Design Preferences

If you are playing at a brick-and-mortar casino, you will notice the colorful presentation of the roulette tables and wheels. Just like in the online version, there are layout and design differences in the tables and wheels for traditional casinos. And these differences often depend on its manufacturer or supplier. Again, the major differences that you will find the casino roulette table designs are in the pockets. Each number will feature a pocket where the ball will fall and the design around the pocket will also affect its bounce thus influencing the outcome of the roulette game.

A popular design in many casinos is the low fret design. This casino roulette table will come with low pockets which will allow the roulette ball to bounce around from one roulette table pocket to the next before it loses momentum and stops at a number (pocket). This design of the European roulette table and American table layout helps in adding that element of unpredictability.

Another popular design variant is the scalloped design on the roulette table layout. Since the scalloped design of the casino roulette table comes with deeper pockets, the roulette ball will have less bounce, thus creating a ‘more predictable’ result. This is considered an old and outdated design of the roulette table and many top manufacturers no longer manufacture this variant. Since it will add predictability to the rolling of the ball, many casino operators don’t rely on this roulette table design.

Finally, you will also find the Huxley stardust design for the casino roulette table layout. This layout comes with triangular pockets that can deflect the movement of the ball thus adding more unpredictability into the mix. This means that the ball may move in any direction and change its course at any time.

Know Your Roulette Rules, Wheel, and Table Layout Before You Play

Online roulette is an exciting game to play that can appeal to different types of players. Whether you are a beginner or a high roller, you will find the game appealing and challenging. But before you move into real money play, make sure you have a decent understanding of how to play roulette, all the rules, and the layout of the casino roulette table. With a proper understanding of the game, you can easily calibrate your playing style and strategies to boost your chances of winning.


? Can online roulette games be rigged?

If you are playing in a licensed and reputable casino that is not possible. The casinos are checked and audited often so it is very unlikely that they will try to cheat you unless they want to lose their license.

Is every online roulette wheel the same?

No. In the different versions of roulette, the wheels have small differences. For example, the difference between the European and American roulette wheel is the addition of a ’00’ pocket in the American version.

? Why is RNG used in online roulette games?

RNG or random number generator guarantees that every spin of the roulette wheel will produce a random result. This keeps the game fair for all players.