Responsible Gambling

Online casino games can be exciting and entertaining. What makes the games truly memorable are the different themes and exciting visuals that come with these titles and the instant wins that can be collected after every round or spin. There are even casino games that offer multi-million jackpots thus boosting the entertainment and excitement few more notches up. With new games and innovations introduced into the online gaming market regularly, there’s no denying the fact that casino entertainment is here to stay. And many players will aspire to win the jackpots every time they play online. This is the thrill that excites and motivates players, and it’s the same drive that pushes them to play more.

responsible gamblingHowever, the rush of excitement and drive to win every time can result in some problems. Players may play beyond their limits; some will spend more than what they have planned. And some individuals will aspire to play even if they are not legally allowed to do so. Furthermore, some players may get addicted to the games, thus resulting in financial, personal, and mental problems. These are real issues online.

The good news is that operators and other stakeholders are doing their share in responsible gambling efforts. Today, all licensed and reputable online casino suppliers and operators are doing their best to implement Responsible Gaming seriously. More than the entertainment and the prizes that they can deliver to players, many stakeholders are now committed to a safe, secure, and fair gaming environment. After all, when players play responsibly, operators can count on sustainable business.

A Look at Responsible Gambling

Responsible gaming is a broad concept that covers several policies and requirements that should be complied with by all gambling stakeholders. Whether you are running a game studio, a casino software business, or an online casino, you are expected to follow and implement the responsible gaming policies and rules. In today’s gaming environment, these responsible gaming rules and policies are standard prerequisites before the top licensing bodies can approve and release the remote gaming license. For example, the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) requires its applicants to follow and enforce responsible gaming efforts as part of the requirements for the license.

In responsible gambling, the challenge for stakeholders is to promote the highest standards of quality. And this can be validated by providing players with a safe and secure playing environment where they can be protected from the potential negative effects of online gambling. Specifically, the policies and rules on Responsible Gambling focus on these areas:

  • Protection of Vulnerable Players
  • Prevention of Underage Gambling
  • Safety Measures Against Criminal Activities
  • Privacy of Information
  • Online Payment Protection
  • Secure Online Gaming Environment
  • Ethical and Responsible Marketing Efforts

All stakeholders of the gambling industry are expected to focus their responsible gaming efforts on these areas. For example, online casinos and operators are expected to protect minors from online casinos. To ensure compliance, casinos will not allow players below 18 years of age to participate in the registration and playing of the casino games. This is one reason why you will find a gamble responsibly disclaimer in casinos. Also, casinos will implement its ‘Know Your Customer’ or KYC procedure to ensure that no underage players can play on the platform. On the part of affiliates and marketers, they are also party to the efforts to promote safe gambling at all times. For marketers and operators, they are expected to advertise and promote casino games and promotions in a responsible manner. This means posting advertisements and casino promotions that feature the full rules and conditions. In short, these casino campaigns should be written in such a way that players will easily understand the rules and conditions, with no gray areas.

Responsible Gambling - A Player’s Responsibility Too

Today, all reputable and leading online casinos are doing their share in the promotion of safe gambling. Some of the leading online casinos even maintain a separate section on their websites for their responsible gaming initiatives. Here, the casino operators provide their players with tools and resources on how they can gamble responsibly. For example, leading casinos like Royal Panda and 888 Casino which caters to players from the Philippines offer deposit limits and self-exclusion tools.

However, the efforts to promote safe gambling will not become successful without the help and cooperation of players. Programs on Responsible Gambling require collaborative efforts between all stakeholders, players included. As a player, it’s also important that you are aware of the current rules and regulations when it comes to responsible gaming.

More importantly, players must follow responsible gambling tips that are readily available online. The responsible gaming tips come in many forms, from setting deposit limits to limiting the time spent in playing the games. It is only through safe gambling that one can truly experience the true value of casino games. So please gamble responsibly the next time you log in online. If you gamble responsibly, you don’t just enjoy the games and the prizes that come with it; you also protect yourself from potential issues.


How can I become a responsible gambler?

There are a few things you can follow while you are playing in online casinos. For example, do not think of gambling as a way to make money but as entertainment. Only bet money you can afford to lose and always set a limit on your spending.

Can online gambling be bad for your health?

Gambling problems can lead to many health issues - psychological and physical. That is why if you see that you can not control yourself while gambling you should seek help from family and friends.