French Roulette – Rules, Betting Tips and Winning Strategies

What makes a casino game thrilling and exciting to watch and play? For many players, it’s all about the instant wins and jackpots. Others would probably point to the design, visuals, and themes that come in every production. But for the majority of players out there, the thrill often comes in the form of randomness. In short, one’s excitement level rises knowing that in a particular play or round there’s a big chance that you will take home the instant win or even the jackpot.

french rouletteIt’s this appeal that makes online roulette popular among enthusiasts and regular players. Backed by decades worth of colorful history, casino roulette haven been capturing the hearts of players due to its randomness and ease of gameplay. The availability of different variants also sustains its popularity in top gaming platforms. With varied options available, an individual can easily choose what game to play that can suit his needs, styles, and bankroll.

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Speaking of different variants, one of the most exciting options to play is French Roulette. It’s one of the most popular table games you can find online and one that’s often misunderstood and mistaken for other game types like American Roulette and European Roulette. In this guide, we take a look at the key differences with other variants. We also cover the unique characteristics of French Roulette including particularly the types of bets that you can make on the French Roulette table.

French Roulette – About the Game

There are different versions available online and all of these titles operate under general roulette rules with wheels and tables where you can place your bets. However, there are some nuances in the layout, design, and other bets that help differentiate one variant from the other. As a regular player on websites, you must pay attention to these minor details. Although these are just minor tweaks in the design and layout, they can affect your strategy and overall gaming experience. The only difference that you will find in the French Roulette rules is the presence of two important elements: the ‘En Prison’ and the ‘La Partage’. These two rules imposed by the casinos are applicable on every wager you make online that offers a payout of 1:1, for example, if you are playing the Red/Black or the Even/Odd bets.

When you play French Roulette online, you will encounter a dealer that will announce terms in the language. An example of this is ‘En Prison’ which means that if the rolling of the ball stops on the green zero, your wager is not instantly lost. Instead, your wager will remain on the table in preparation for the next spin. And if this bet wins on the next spin, the dealer will then pay back the bet. Another rule that you’ll encounter in this variant is the ‘La Partage’. Under this option, the first half of the rule applies. However, if you win on the next spin, only half of the wager will be returned to the player. These two rules that are used in this version are helpful for the players. This also cuts the house edge of the casino, thus making this variant a better option compared to others.

If you are looking to improve your chances at the casino table then you can’t go wrong with the French Roulette wheel as it comes with a higher than usual Return to Player (RTP) percentage.

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French Roulette – What to Expect from the Roulette Table Layout

Just like its counterparts, you will find two important components to play with: the table and the wheel. The same general rules apply where you need to guess the outcome of the round. You can find the same set of numbers where you can bet on from 1 to 36 with one ‘0’. Also, you will find betting spaces for High/Low, Red/Black, or Odd/Even. The spaces for Column Bets are also displayed that can pay 2 to 1, the Single Number bets that offer a 35 to 1 payout, and the Corner Bets which rewards you with a 3 to 1 payout.

At the bottom right of the screen (if you’re playing online) are the Neighbour Bets and the Announced Bets. To place your bet, you need to decide first on the value of the chip. You are allowed to change the bet on every table and you will be informed of the maximum and the minimum bet that you can play. As a new player, you also need to consider the betting limits before you commit to a real money session.

Whether you are playing the American or the French Roulette online version, you will encounter the same types of bets. Listed below are some of the popular wagers you can make online:

  • Inside Bets. As the name suggests, these types of bets are inside the table layout. Some of the popular inside bets you can make are the straight-up bets, split bets, street bets, the corner/four-bet, line bet, and the column bet. Of these bets, the most popular among players is the straight-up bets. Here, you will place your money on a specific number that you think will come up. For example, you will place your money on 4 or 19. This offers you a payout of 35 to 1. Another option is to go for the split bets. As the name suggests, you will put the chips between two adjacent numbers like 14 and 15. You can also try out the column strategy. There are 12 columns to choose from and you will place your chips in one of these columns.
  • Even Money Bets. As the name suggests, these options will give you a chance of winning 50 percent of the time. If you looking to play this strategy, then you can consider the Red/Black, High/Low, or the Odd/Even. When you go for the High/Low, you are predicting that the outcome will be in the 19 to 36 and the 1 to 18 range.

Specific Bets that You Can Play

In French Roulette online, you can also find specialized wagers or betting options. Before you play this version, we highly recommend that you also check out and review these types of wagers. True to form, your options are available in the local language which adds some glamour and authenticity to your gaming experience. Here’s a look at what you can expect on your next gaming session:

  • Voisins du Zero Bet. In English, this means the ‘neighbors of zero’. This is self-explanatory and refers to the string of numbers that you will find near zero.
  • Le Tiers du Cylindre. Roughly translated to English, it only means the ‘thirds of the wheel’. This specific betting option covers the 12 numbers that sit opposite 0, from 27 to 33. Here, you will find 6 split bets that cover the 12 numbers.
  • Also known as ‘orphans’, it consists of 8 numbers which are not covered by the first two betting options discussed above. You will use up 5 chips to cover the 4 split bets and a chip for 1.

Are There Winning Strategies and Tips to Improve Your Chances?

In other casino games, you can always count on the elements of skill and decision-making to boost your chances of winning. If you can master some skills in reading the cards in blackjack and poker, then there’s a big chance that you can end up as the winner. However, it’s a different thing when you play French Roulette in your preferred gambling platform. Here, you don’t need skills or effective decision-making skills to collect the winnings. The result of every spin and round are determined by the Random Number Generator or the RNG. This means in every round, there’s no single strategy or approach that can help you predict the outcome to win the prize. However, you can count on some tips and strategies to boost your chances or at least minimize your losses.

One approach that you can do is to familiarize yourself with the different strategies used by experienced players and enthusiasts. Some of these betting systems that you can read about are the Martingale, the James Bond, and D’ Alembert.

It can also help if you can come up with a specific bankroll for each gaming session. And when we say have a bankroll, it means sticking to it. Never chase your losses. If you have used up your budget for the day, then it’s time to walk away and play some other time. Also, choose a casino that offers the best bonuses and helpful rules like ‘En Prison’ and ‘La Partage’. These additional rules of French Roulette will help cut down the house edge thus boosting your chances of ending up as the winner.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun when playing in your preferred gambling platform. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Once you have set up a bankroll for your session, make sure you enjoy and have fun when playing against the dealer or other like-minded enthusiasts!


📈 What is the house edge of the French roulette?

The house edge is only 1.35%. It is the lowest house edge in comparison to the European and American versions.

📱 Can I play French Roulette on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes. Most online casinos have this roulette version in their games catalog.

What is the difference between French and European roulette?

The table layouts are a bit different and there are some additional rules in the French roulette. They are called ‘En Prison’ and ‘La Partage’. These rules are the reason the French roulette has a lower house edge than the European.